An Insanely Detailed Ask Meme Brought to You by Tolkien's Characters
  • Frodo:What is your deepest wound, and do you still hurt from it?
  • Bilbo:When did taking a chance improve your life?
  • Samwise:Have you ever done something for a friend that you would never have done on your own?
  • Merry:Who would you swear loyalty to, or to whom have you already done so?
  • Pippin:Tell me about when you did something that no one thought you could do.
  • Aragorn:What is your heritage? Do you embrace or reject it?
  • Boromir:Did your father leave an impact on your life?
  • Gimli:Have you ever had an opinion about someone that turned out to be completely wrong?
  • Legolas:What has been your most unlikely friendship, and did it last?
  • Gandalf:Has your public appearance and ever changed radically?
  • Elrond:Do you have overprotective relatives, or do you fill that role?
  • Arwen:Did you ever make a decision your family didn't agree with?
  • Elladan:Have you ever failed to help someone you cared about?
  • Elrohir:Do you have siblings?
  • Galadriel:Would you consider yourself wise?
  • Celeborn:Are you content with being the less-popular one in a relationship?
  • Celebrían:Have you ever done something that took a turn for the worse that you weren't prepared for?
  • Haldir:Has your popularity ever changed unexpectedly because of something minor?
  • Éomer:What are the things you consider to be worth fighting the system for?
  • Éowyn:Have you ever overcome prejudice in a significant way?
  • Théoden:When have you been wrong but refused to see it?
  • Gríma Wormtongue:Do you sometimes make bad choices for selfish reasons?
  • Saruman:Do you want power?
  • Sauron:What is your greatest weakness?
  • Melkor:Has greed or the desire for material goods ever backfired on you?
  • Ungoliant:Are you proud of your children or younger relatives?
  • Shelob:Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Finwë:Do you come from a prestigious family line?
  • Fëanor:Does desire tend to blind you to the consequences of your actions?
  • Nerdanel:Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was doing something you didn't agree with and you couldn't stop them?
  • Maedhros:What is the greatest thing you have ever lost?
  • Maglor:Do you believe in redemption?
  • Celegorm:Have you ever had a pet that impacted your life greatly?
  • Caranthir:Do you have a temper, and has it ever gotten you into trouble?
  • Curufin:What have you inherited from your family lineage?
  • Amrod:Do you have a friend or sibling that you have a special bond with?
  • Amras:Has your family ever done something that ended up hurting you?
  • Beren:Will you do anything for love?
  • Lúthien:Do societal norms exist to be broken?
  • Thingol:If you believe in luck, do you think you've had good or bad?
  • Melian:Have you ever had a significant other that was of a lower social class than you?
  • Eöl:Did you ever have a goth phase?
  • Aredhel:Is listening to other people something that is important to you?
  • Glorfindel:Have you ever taken on a challenge others have deemed impossible and won?
  • Thror:Do you value wealth?
  • Thráin:Do you consider yourself a selfish person?
  • Thorin:What have you lost that you wish to regain?
  • Balin:Are you older or younger than most of your friends?
  • Dwalin:Do you have any hobbies?
  • Fili:Do you have a good smile?
  • Kili:Have you ever suddenly been considered attractive where before you were just sort of there?
  • Dori:Are you a musician?
  • Nori:Is it common for you to notice things others have forgotten or missed?
  • Ori:Do you write or speak multiple languages fluently?
  • Óin:Would you consider yourself a superstitious person?
  • Glóin:Are you skilled at something most would consider unusual or esoteric nowadays?
  • Bifur:What is your most interesting injury, and how did it happen?
  • Bofur:Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?
  • Bombur:What is your relationship with food?
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    paris by Caroline May on Flickr.


    Aristocrat~ (Dearli dress, Alice Auaa underskirt)


    they didnt even check for my id in this place


    Chrysocolla and Quartz - Inspiration Mine, Globe-Miami, Gila County, Arizona


    Mirror / Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by: Randy Halverson


    ghHHGhh thank u!! i didn’t think i’d be asked for a jacket reference but yes here it is!! full view here!

    for once i actually looked up what the tactician coat looks like instead of half-assing it from memory so use the detailing shown here, not the first one i did b/c i was so wrong lol

    also bonus lucina letterman~ 8)


    messin’ about with pixels!! its a mangrove castle

    Posters from the Special Rurouni Kenshin Exhibit at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Japan that opened this day, June 28, 2014.

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu to Miyu-san for allowing me to share her photos. <3

    Source: みゆ

    (Source: hana-angel)